Agenda of seminar

"Private - public Partnerships for advisory services in Europe"
 Remark the pro seminar StudyTour to Estonia 29thAugust starting from Tallinn

Tuesday, the 30th of August
 Arrivals to Helsinki airport, transfer on your own by local bus to Espoo city center
wherefrom is transfer to JTO Aavaranta

The accomodation in Nexthotel, please book <>

    Lunch available since 12 o'clock on own cost in JTO restaurant

1 3.00 Opening of the seminar in JTO Hall of Audience
      Welcoming Professor Pauli Juuti
      A message from  Anne van den Bann video from Netherland
      Chief Seppo Kallio, MTK National Farmers'Organisation in Finland

      ICT  Adoption Questionnaire introduction by Professor Ehud Gelb

15.00 Break
15.25. Workshop Keynote presentations
          Professor Martin Caraher, City University London
          "Food the New and Not so New Politics of Food. - Policy battles and contradictions."
           Dr Ehud Gelb, Center for Agricultural Economic Research, Israel
          " ICT Adoption for Extension and Rural Education over the last 25 years, Insights in perspective"
           Dr Minna Mikkola Ruralia Institute Finland
          "Social Dynamics for Sustainable Food Systems: Implications for extension"

Accompanying persons have an all day/afternoon trip to Hvitträsk museum of architects' Gesellius&Lindgren&Saarinen and the neighbouring culture with local Martta-organisation.

18.00 o'clock Coming together meal and party in Hotel restaurant 
19-21 Lake side sauna for request
Wednesday, the 31st of August
7.30 Breakfast
8.00 registration continues

9.00  Parallel sessions
1) Extension beyond agriculture e.g. multifunctionality, rural sustainability.
        Facilitator Dr Minna Mikkola Finland
2) Science and pedagogy in advisory work, (research, innovation, communication and
    'learning  interactions in the science-pedagogy etc)
         Facilitator Dr Alex Koutsouris, Greece
3) Evaluation of extension education, approaches, methods, use of results.
         Facilitator Dr Heini Wink

11.30  Lunch

12.30 Parallel sessions continue
 4) Good practices in advisory work, case studies and field accounts.
        Facilitator prof Fabio Santucci, Italy
5) Private - public partnership in Extension services, theory and best practice.
        Facilitator Dr Eelke Wielinga
6) Extension and rural networks, what is working in advisory innovations
         Facilitator prof Artur Cristovao, Portugal

The JAEE has a presentation and poster session in the main hall.
                  Dr PJ Peers NL,

Accompanýing persons excursion to nearby forest to pick berries.The shoes!
Introduction to Finnish food. Transfer to Helsinki capital of Finland
Sauna possible in lakeside. .

Thursday, the 1st of  September
7.30 Breakfast

8.00 Study tour in Southern Finland by bus(es)   
          Research Institute, multifunctional Manor House, Forest research
  Lunch on route
Accompanying persons participate the fieldtrip.
18.-19.30 Dinner in hotel        

Friday, the 2nd of September
 7.30 Breakfast

9.00 Presentations of Extension in Estonia
- experiences of Study tour on 29th August to Estonia.and
- presentations from Estonian particiapant(s).  

11.00 Lunch
12.00 Pleanary workshop continue 
         Special introductions to Extension in Scandinavia
         Povl Norgaard DK,  Arja Ylä-Nojonen Finland,
         Liisa Niilola from Finland

Accompanying persons free time in  Helsinki
19.00 Farewell dinner

Saturday, the 3rd of September
7.30- Breakfast

9.00 Conclusions of 20thESEE Seminar 
10.00 End of 20thESEE, final meeting  The 21st ESEE next seminar 

Conclusion and
Orhan Ozcatalbas kind invitation to Antalya 21stESEE 2013 to Turkey 

11.00 Lunch
          Voluntary excursions organised private or for request.

Title of seminar 2011
"Public - private partnerships in advisory service lessons learned in Europe and elsewhere".