Study Tour to Estonia

Here is the Program of the pro seminar Study Tour in Estonia.
On the Monday 29th of August 2011

Contact person in Estonia Ms Diana Laur <diana.laur>

Meet Ms Diana Laur  in the morning at 9.30-10.00
         in Tallinn Harbour D-terminal in the parking lot  
        (address 13 Loots Street, Tallinn)
Journey 29th August at 7.30-09.30 ferries from Helsinki to Tallinn.  
TallinkSilja from the Länsisatama harbour in Helsinki. 
 Ask cheap "one day return trips" cruising H:ki-Tallinn-H:ki

10:00 Start from Tallinn to Jäneda 
          (Lääne Viru county – 74 km from Tallinn)
11:15 Rural Economy Research Centre and Farm Advisory Centre
          in Jäneda (presentations about the Estonian Rural Life, 
         Leader activities, Estonian Farm Advisory System and 
         advisory activities)
13.15 Lunch
15.00 Visiting a farm
17.45 Arriving back to Tallinn
18.00 Dinner

Look <> timetables  for the return to Helsinki
(In the evening 29th August betveen 21.00-23.00 Ferries from Tallinn to Helsinki.
 and early in the morning 30th August)

"If you are going to Tallinn previous day 28th August you can contact
Tallink Hotel's sales manager Anna-Kaisa Sunter <>
She can assist you with the booking and she will give you a discount if you mention
you are with the ESEE seminar. There are two hotels of Tallnk at the port,
the Tallink Spa&Conference and the Tallink Express Hotel." With kind regards Diana Laur.