Map to JTO from Espoo City center

The map is from Espoo City center to JTO campus in Aavaranta

                                                         JTO address:  Osterbyntie 617,   OITMAKI.

 Instructions to use the local bus from Helsinki Airport to Espoo City Center

There are two direct bus lines available from airport to Espoo City Center
From the Terminal 2,  Plattform 14     Bus U-line number 540
once an hour since 7.45 a.m. in the morning.  until 22.50 p.m in evening
From the Terminal 1,  Plattform 4        Bus number 535
at 6.12,   7.08,   8.12,  9.12,    14.30,   15.10,   16.35,   17.30,   18.35
continues to Terminal 2 Plattform 35
Price one way 4 euros.

From the Espoo City Center  to JTO best solution is taxi 25euros.
Seminar tries to organize the transport from Espoo City Center. According to information of your arrival time.
The taxi drivers are told in Espoo City Center that you are coming.

The taxi from Helsinki Airport is about 68euros and takes 35 minutes.

The airport buses from Helsinki airport go
to Helsinki city railway station

From railway station is local train connection to Espoo City Center.
Local trains U-, S-, and E-train  start from plattform number 13.
every 10 minutes
Cost 4 euros.  takes 35 minutes.  from Helsinki to Espoo.